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Everything around us is getting smarter. A digital layer is being put on top of everything electrical and mechanical out there. All these things that no longer are just things – The wise, the smart, the intelligent, the connected, the intertwined and the synced. We know them by heart. We let them share knowledge to learn from each other, becoming wiser every day. So we can get smarter with our world.

I love the area of IoT. Not only are we helping lots of customers become better at what they do, making sure that they are going to survive and thrive, but we're also making the world a better place.

Rami Avidan CEO Tele2 IoT

Our latest case study!

Tele2 IoT Delivers Mission Critical Connectivity to Styrian Rivers

Rivers are powerful living organisms, inspiring poets, painters, and musicians for centuries – but also unleashing an unpredictable power that often leaves destruction in their wake. When you live alongside a mighty river it’s important to have as much information as possible in order to monitor and predict the river’s next move. This case shows how connectivity from Tele2 IoT has allowed Graz, Austria to not just protect its own region, but also share lifesaving insights beyond its own borders.

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