How will IoT change your life, at home and at work? Rami Avidan, MD Tele2 IoT shares his vision.

IoT will change the lives of a lot of people in many different ways – in everything that you do in essence. You think about when you wake up in the morning. When your alarm goes off it will automatically put on the coffee in your kitchen. When your coffee machine goes on it will automatically heat up your car because it knows that 20 minutes later you’re about to take the car to work. You get to work, if you have a hot-desk system in the office you’re going to know where there is a free desk. You’re going to have real time information from your assets that you’re working on in your company and your customers. You’re going to understand how they’re feeling.

When you leave work your telephone is going to automatically tell your home to prepare for you, maybe dim the light, put on the music. Then, of course, in your home your fridge is going to be already stocked up with the right kind of food that you’ve ordered, automatically of course. Those are just a few examples of the things that will affect your life. You will see that over the next three to five years there will be huge changes specifically in the home environment and that’s going to really prove to everyone that IoT is no longer just something that we’re talking about. It’s actually happening on a day to day basis in our lives.

I love the area of IoT. The very simple reason behind that is that not only are we helping lots and lots of customers become better at what they do, making sure that only are they going to survive into the future, they’re going to thrive, but we’re also making the world a better place. That is really why I love what I do.