Securely unify and manage your cellular data

Speed is of the essence in today’s world. Unfortunately, when it comes to IoT, being able to aggregate data and devices easy and fast is often quite challenging. To solve that problem, Tele2 IoT has developed a new cloud-based product called 2ROUTE! Thanks to 2ROUTE you can now setup a VPN in record time via our self-service portal.

Manage your security at the fraction of the cost

2ROUTE offers centralized network management for your entire cellular deployment, regardless of the operator. While traditional telecoms require 4-6 days to manage a VPN setup process, in the 2ROUTE self-service portal you can do it in a few minutes without any certificates. Monitor your entire deployment, manage end-to-end encrypted communication via VPN between you and your equipment, assign access to specific devices in minutes, and route your data to backend systems – making it a perfect tool to be in charge of your entire IoT solution. 2ROUTE is also a perfect choice for start-ups as well as small and medium enterprises, as its pay-as-use subscription models lets you grow together with your business.

Examples of application

  • The transportation company that monitors its multiple trucks all over the region.
  • Yacht club company that monitors boat video feed from different ports
  • Start-up, doing a kick-starter campaign, that needs to track device activation deployment

Quick facts about 2ROUTE

Fast to set-up
  • Easy for anyone to set up secure connectivity via your own VPN
  • Dynamically manage routing from devices into customer backend systems
Easy to secure
  • Industry standard encryption
  • Powerful management of remote access
Flexible to change
  • Unify your legacy and future deployments
  • Any operator, any SIM-card.