about us

A mix of an operator & agile IT-company

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about us

The orchestrator of a smarter world

Tele2 IoT is not just an operator. We are part of an exclusive eco-system – and we know how to leverage it for your best IoT solution. We are faster than the normal operator. We are more flexible and we don’t give up until your solution works the way it should. We develop cool functions and features to bring the necessary returns on your IoT investment. We will advise you and orchestrate your IoT solution in order to grow your business. Together we make a smarter world.


We don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. Therefore, we make our solutions easy to use and to get started with.


Our partners are carefully selected. We work closely together to give you ground-breaking end-to-end IoT solutions.


Understanding your business needs and the capabilities of IoT, we orchestrate qualitative and trustworthy IoT solutions.


We don't believe in small - medium - large. All IoT projects face different challenges that need different solutions.


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Tele2 IoT is a great place to work. Have a look at open positions right now - maybe you are exactly who we are looking for?

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The Tele2 Way

Our core values

Given the fast pace at which Tele2 IoT operates a shared value base is essential. The Tele2 Way defines who we are and how we do things. It guides us in our daily lives, supporting the decision making process by setting the boundaries for what is right and what is wrong. We believe that the right attitude, enthusiasm, and the ability to work according to Tele2’s values are essential for us to help you succeed faster and more cost-efficient.

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Facts & figures

We are growing

In the last three years we have grown with more than 80% each year! We grow with partners, customers and employees. Today we have customers with devices in 160 countries and we are 150 employees, always looking for more talent.

Number of employee: 150
Countries of presence: 11
Regional locations: 16
Partners: 150+
Operators: 650+
Devices: in 160+ countries

The faces behind it all

Meet our management team

Tele2 strives to be the champions of customer value in everything we do. We are challengers and fast-movers, always helping our customers and partners on their IoT journey, offering exactly what they need, when they need it.