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IoT Talks 2018

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What is IoT Talks?

At IoT Talks we make things happen. For you and with you.
We discuss and exchange ideas and we find inspiration.
We learn from our past mistakes as well as our past successes.
And through sharing we push technology further, making the world a smarter place.
The conversation belongs to everyone. It starts here.


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Theme 2018: Creating a Smarter World Together

At Tele2 IoT smarter means focusing on what we do best while being ready to adapt to any situation, whether you’re working on five continents or in five cities. It means having an agile and flexible approach, using both our own experts and our carefully curated partner ecosystem.

To us, smarter means better: thinking green and being fearless. It means not just leading into the future but creating the future as we go. Smart means being daring enough to think big, start small, and scale fast.

Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do – but it isn’t everything we do.
We create a smarter world for you, with you.

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The 5th year and counting

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Since 2014, IoT Talks has been held 11 times in 7 European cities. Last year IoT Talks gathered 1200+ attendees, 60+ ecosystem players, and 30+ speakers to talk about the best practices of co-monetizing IoT. This year, we will focus on the topic of Creating a Smarter World together. IoT enables a world without borders, and technology exists to help us make the world better by making it smarter.

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