Press releases

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September 28th 2017

Tele2 IoT launches cloud-based router solution

Tele2 IoT launches a new cloud-based routing solution – 2ROUTE

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March 30th 2017

Solution to prevent diesel theft won the Tele2 IoT Challenge

Yesterday, Tele2 IoT presented the winners of Tele2 IoT Challenge: LPWA.

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Jan 23 2017

Tele2 IoT Talks Stockholm 2017

Last years IoT Talks in Stockholm was a huge success, and we are committed to make it even better this year.

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Jan 12 2017

Tele2 IoT launches innovation competition

IoT, Internet of Things, has already changed the way the society works as well as how businesses run their operations. However, we are still far from utilizing all of the great possibilities IoT enables. Tele2 IoT is therefore launching a competition where it lets companies test and experiment with its new LPWA network to come up with new ideas and innovations.

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Nov 9 2016

Tele2 IoT provides NorthStar with Product Cloud

Tele2 today announces that they are providing the IoT solution Product Cloud to the leading energy storage provider NorthStar.

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Sept 29 2016

Tele2 partner with CSL to capture opportunity as analogue devices are upgraded to digital across Europe

Tele2 today announced that they will extend the existing partnership with CSL, now also joining forces to capture the large opportunity in bridging the analogue to digital gap in communication devices across Europe

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Sept 29 2016

Tele2 to offer end-to-end IoT start kits for enterprises

Tele2 AB today announced a joint offering together with Microsoft and Libelium.

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