From one to three days

Depending on the scope and case, 2PROVE can be delivered in one to three days. We work together to make sure we are focusing on the best use case and that the solution will be as good as possible before you bring it to the market. As you know, correcting a problem is so much easier before a product is commercialised, compared to if it has already been sold and delivered.


The real value of a PoC

Let us give you a number of reasons why 2PROVE is recommended.

1. Optimize cost

A Proof-of-Concept with us will help you to optimize your device usage and the cost of generated data. Setting up an IoT solution in an optimal way is quite complex. Making sure that you have configured the device in the correct way, so that relevant data is sent and that you have an optimized connectivity solution, requires a lot of experience.


2. Increase reliability

A Proof-of-Concept will generate a higher reliability for your solution, assuring you that it will work as planned and with the service levels expected.


3. Follow rules and regulations

A Proof-of-Concept is an assurance that your devices follow the regulating policies of a Mobile Network Operator and will be allowed to operate in the desired networks.


4. Avoid delays and negative surprises

Through a Proof-of-Concept, you can avoid any late identification of quality problems that could delay, stop or create bad will for a solution that you are about to roll out.