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Making security a sure thing

2SECURE is a cloud based secure connectivity service for industrial applications that makes it easy to connect separate geographical factories/sites and users over the internet. With 2SECURE you get easy secure access to your industrial devices like routers, switches and control equipment. It enables you to run remote diagnostics, transfer files, improve control of processes and manage systems remotely and secure. Connect securely to your valuable equipment keeping using existing applications.

As simple and flexible as it is secure

IoT Security is on everybody’s minds. Surveys show that “security” is the number one challenge in implementing an IoT solution. Finding a business case is number two!

Many of our customers have faced different challenges setting up a secure IoT environment, putting way too much effort setting up, operating and managing their own VPN solutions.

This is the beauty with 2SECURE. It serves as a central access point where users and sites communicates within its own virtual private network (VPN). Yet, it doesn’t require any programming skills! You get a direct and secure communication between any number of sites and users. A good thing is it’s also compatible with all industrial networking equipment from well-known manufacturers.


  • Easy for anyone to set up secure connectivity
  • Compatible with industrial network equipment


  • Works with existing applications and equipment
  • Any bearer, any SIM-card, & No fixed IP-address


  • Encrypted end-to-end communication
  • Powerful management of remote access

How to set up a secure network

With 2SECURE you can set up a secure network with devices of your choice and have them clustered into “nodes”, within 20 min. That’s how easy it is.

1. Click ”Add trusted circle” to set up a new network
2. Click ”Add Node” to connect new sites.
3. Click ”Add Client” to connect new users.
4. Done!


Customers can integrate their own applications, like for instance web portals, apps or business systems, using the 2SECURE Connect API. The open standards JSON/REST API supports most well-known programming languages.


Flexible subscription model

2SECURE offers a subscription model that let you to grow with your business. This means you only pay for what you use. On top of that there is no need to invest in IT infrastructure to get started. 2SECURE is a fully managed cloud solution that lets you focus on your core business.

With 2SECURE all communication is encrypted and secured against intrusion.

A use case example

Secure factory

* Easy remote access to customer plants
* Monitoring and control of processes
* User access on demand or scheduled
* Central authorization and control of access
* Using 2G, 3G & 4G mobile connectivity

A use case example

Secure water

* Water reservoirs are security class objects
* Video surveillance of facility and processes
* Real-time HD video streaming to field engineers
* Access limited for maintenance contractors
* Using 4G mobile connectivity

A use case example

Secure self-service machines

* 260 sales machines
* Distributed over 38 train stations
* Serves region with 1/3 of Sweden’s population
* Transfer 20% of SJ total sales
* Using 3G+4G, ADSL & leased lines

2SECURE highlights

End-to-end encrypted communication
Virtual Private Network (VPN) between you & your equipment
Based on industrial standard OpenVPN
Centralized network management
24/7 redundant cloud services complies to ISO 27001/2, PCI DSS Level 1, FedRAMP and Others

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With 2SECURE, a cloud based secure connectivity service, you can connect securely to all types of equipment, while keep using existing applications.