Get started

The 2START kit includes 5 SIM cards and full access to 2CONTROL, our control center based on Cisco Jasper Control Center 7.0. Tele2 IoT is one of the few operators in the world who offers advanced functionalities of the platform to all it’s trial kit customers. This means that you can use advanced Service and Usage analytics as well as Security features of the control center without any additional cost. Order our trial kit now to safely and easily set up and start testing your solution!

5 SIMs with 2CONNECT

  • 30 MB per SIM per month for 6 months
  • 50 SMS messages per SIM per month
  • Service across Europe*(Map)

Full Access to 2CONTROL (TMCC)

  • Complete suite of developer tools
  • User logins for everyone on your team
  • Same environment for testing and deployment

2CONTROL (TMCC) Advanced Functionalities

  • Service and usage analytics
  • New graphical user interface
  • Advanced security

Real-Time Testing Tools

  • Test-as-you-build for fast, quality development
  • Visibility into device and network behavior
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting help

Exceptional developer support

  • Developer guidelines
  • Full access to APIs
  • Comforum