One Complete Solution
for Global Enterprises

In the age of global business, many larger enterprises spend a lot of time and effort scaling the footprint of their connected assets. Each new roaming region means negotiations with partners, integration projects, new platforms and regulatory challenges. Luckily, Tele2 IoT has a solution for the growing Enterprise to quickly and hassle-free enter new markets, providing carrier grade connectivity for your data-hungry applications. What’s more, we can help you substantially save on your connectivity costs and to provide you with the tools to balance the needs for premium quality versus a high degree of cost control in each region. How does that sound?

A Global, All-inclusive, IoT Core
for Large Deployments

Tele2 IoT can offer you a state of the art, API driven, geographically distributed IoT Core for a consistent and unified view of all your IoT devices. User planes are localized as needed for performance and regulatory compliance and the user plane includes local breakout functionality for an optimized Quality of Service.

Optimize your Connectivity
Region by Region

Tele2 IoT gives you all the flexibility your business demands while enabling you to choose the best connectivity sourcing strategy for each region. We offer you the option of leveraging our own network coverage, our partners’ networks as well as the ability to onboard your own connectivity agreements to our Enterprise IoT Core. All delivered as a fully managed service. We cater just as well to high bandwidth applications as we do to advanced enterprise requirements such as multi-layered billing models and real-time rating. We offer the ability to control and react to business rules in real-time over a modern API and we bring an innovative set of SIM solutions that optimize cost in each region. Use our service to optimize cost and quality of your global IoT solutions and get full cost transparency while dramatically shortening the time to market in a new region. Tele2 IoT’s Enterprise IoT Core as a Service allows you to be compliant with local regulations wherever your business needs take you and provides hassle-free deployment and operation of your global fleet of devices.